Preliminary Conference Program - Celle Drilling 2024

Tuesday, 17th September 2024

11:00 Registration

(Grosser Saal)

12:15 Welcome
Thor Noevig / Philip Jaeger
12:30 Keynote
The Future of Drilling

Sven Krüger, Matthias Gatzen (Baker Hughes)
13:00 Keynote
The Eden Geothermal Project, from Drilling to Heat Production
Jörg Baumgärtner (Bestec GmbH)
13:30 Keynote
Balancing Groundwater Protection and Deep Geothermal Drilling: Addressing the Conflict of Interest
Ingo Sass (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam GFZ)
14:00 Coffee Break & Networking

14:30 – 16:00

Session 1:
Geothermal Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

14:30 Geothermal Wells and Technology
Mike Adams (Tuboscope NOV)
15:00 Urbane Drilling Rigs – Development and validation of innovative drilling rig technology for use in inner-city areas
Timo Trauth (Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH)
15.30 Learning in geothermal energy generation – A comparison of recent learnings and learning barriers in Germany and the USA
Florian Müller (ETH Zürich)

Session 2:
Downhole Tool Innovations
(Celler Saal)

14:30 Increasing Efficiency and Safety in Congested Drilling Operations
Austin Pile (Scientific Drilling International)
15:00 Effect of Groove Shape in Rock Cutting Efficiency
Murat Panayirci (Schlumberger Cambridge Research)
15:30 A New Ultra-deep Azimuthal Resistivity Service delivers advanced reservoir mapping
Alexander Zlotnik (Baker Hughes)
16:00 Coffee Break & Networking

16:30 – 18:00

Session 3:
Geothermal Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

16:30 Thermal Heating and Cooling Cycles: An Experimental Analysis of Grouting and Pellets Integrity for HT-ATES Systems
Alexis Koulidis (TU Delft)
17:00 Novel Return Permeability Tests: The Effect of Drilling Additives on Wells for High-Temperature Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (HT-ATES)
Martin van der Schans (KWR Water Research Institute)
17:30 Insights into Drilling Engineering from the MD-BTES Construction at the SKEWS Demo Site
Ingo Sass (Deutsches GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam GFZ)

Session 4:
Downhole Tool Innovations
(Celler Saal)

16:30 Evaluation of Drilling Dynamic Sensor Placement In Drill Stem By Utilizing Advanced Dynamics Modelling, Resulted In Substantial Improvements of Operational Efficiency And Cost Reduction: A Case Study Analysis
Mehdi Pourtangestani (SLB)
17:00 Drilling Granite With PDC Bits – A Case Study From The Utah Geothermal Application
Roger Lee (BH) / Andrew Pauli (BRK, Presenter) (BRK – Berkshire Hathaway Energy)
17:30 Solid-state Gyro-While-Drilling Technology as One of the Optimization Methods in A Browfield-fast-drilling Environment Indonesia
Bonar Noviasta (SLB)
18:00 Networking
19:00 Conference Evening

Wednesday, 18th September 2024

09:00 – 10:30

Session 5:
Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

09:00 BETA – Accelerated Field Testing in a full scale environment
Ruediger Biedorf (Baker Hughes)
09:30 Effective non-frac reservoir stimulation of geothermal reservoir using the Fishbones drilled multi-lateral completion system
Jos Okkerman (Fishbones AS)
10:00 Enhancing Drilling Efficiency and Accuracy with a Dual-Telemetry Rotary Steerable System
Adam von Antz (Scientific Drilling)

Session 6:
AI / Simulation / Instrumentation Technology
(Celler Saal)

09:00 AI-Drilling Software Development and Testing for Drilling Safe and Fast
Hamed Sahebi (University of Stavanger)
09:30 From DigITSimulator to Optimizing Drilling
Victor Häfner / Felix Longge Michels (Presenter) (KIT Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
10:00 Investigation of major NPT events using a digital twin
Sigve Hovda (ComputerWell)
10:30 Coffee Break & Networking

11:00 – 12:00

Session 7:
Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

11:00 Downhole Measurement of Bending Moment Provides Identification of Wellbore Stability Problems Close to the Bit and Allows for Real-time Solutions
James Hood (Baker Hughes KSA)
11:30 With Coil Tubing Rigs shallow Geothermal Wells between 300 m and 700 m can be drilled Safer, much faster and more environmentally friendly than today
Arthur De Mul (Huisman)

Session 8:
AI / Simulation / Instrumentation Technology
(Celler Saal)

11:00 New Hybrid Method for a Holistic Simulation of Drilling in Full-Scale
Rodrigue Freifer (Herrenknecht Vertical GmbH)
11:30 Preventing Downhole Tool Failure during Geothermal Well Construction Using a Hybrid Real-Time Temperature Management Advisory System
Naveen Velmurugan (Virgil Dynamics)
12:00 Lunch Break & Networking

13:00 – 14:30

Session 9:
Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

13:00 Managed Pressure Drilling & Cementing Enable Successful Navigation of Complexities in Extended Reach Drilling Wells with Narrow Drilling Windows in the Alberta Deep Basin
Alyswsa Wen (Beyond Energy Services & Technology)
13:30 Navigating Towards Net Zero: A Holistic Approach to Greenhouse Gas Emissions Management in Drilling Operations
Divya Nair Gopalan (SLB)
14:00 Investigations of the Bit Wear on the Excitation of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillations
Felix Mueller (Baker Hughes)

Session 10:
Composite Materials
(Celler Saal)

13:00 Evaluating casing integrity for wells exposed to H2S: Experience from an NCS study using risk-based assessment
Eric Ford (NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS)
13:30 (Radioactive) scale modelling – A comparison of steel and GRE based geothermal wells / GRE-GEO Workshop
Govert de With (Nuclear Research and consultancy Group – NRG)
14:00 Generalized Well Design for GRE Tubulars in Casing and Protective Barrier Applications / GRE-GEO workshop
Ferid Seyidov (Vulcan Energy Engineering GmbH)
14:30 Coffee Break & Networking

15:00 – 16:00

Session 11:
Drilling Technology
(Grosser Saal)

15:00 Parallel drilling and intersecting two wells using Active Magnetic Ranging (AMR)
Aleksandr Vetsak (Eavor)
15:30 Multi-lateral Technologies in Closed-Loop Geothermal Systems
Eddy Arida (Eavor)

Session 12:
Well Integrity / Composite Materials
(Celler Saal)

15:00 Enhanced Design Envelope for Glass Reinforced Epoxy composite Tubulars in Downhole Applications / GRE-GEO Workshop
Javier Holzmann / Leo de Mul / Kees Rookus (TU Clausthal)
15:30 Bridging the Gap: Innovating GRE Tubular Qualification for Downhole Applications / GRE-GEO Workshop
Javier Holzmann / Leo de Mul / Kees Rookus (TU Clausthal)
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